A revolutionary
braking system!
  • Perfect for RVs, ambulances, shuttle buses, heavy-duty pick-ups and other mid-sized vehicles
  • Unique liquid-cooled disc brake (LCDB) system - a major brake improvement
  • Lowers brake maintenance
  • Braking cruise control
  • "Sidewinder" style for ease of installation

D-Brake LCDB Testimonials


I purchased a Class C RV on an E-350 Ford Chassis.  After my first trip in the RV, I learned just how potentially dangerous the factory brakes are under certain conditions.  In my opinion, the "factory braking capacity" is extremely under-sized, and dangerous when the braking system is confronted with max braking load. (running near the Gross Vehicle max. weight rating, AND driving downhill).


On my first trip, traveling many switchbacks and elevation changes, I completely smoked the factory brakes. At night, you could see the front rotors glowing orange with smoke billowing out the wheels.  After the trip, I assumed the brakes might have been defective, so I had a Ford factory rep examine the braking system at the dealer.  The Ford rep claimed the braking system was up to spec.  He advised me, you simply can NOT use the brakes coming down a hill, you should rely on the transmission 90% of the time, and the brakes 10% of the time.  After replacing the pads and the rotors at my expense on my new RV, I began this "tranny braking" technique, which at the very least is challenging, especially for those who drove the RV with no truck driving experience. While this braking technique does slightly help reduce brake over-heating, the RV's braking still suffered from being dangerously undersized.  The braking distance was so much greater than the common car on the road, I still considered the RV unsafe to drive for the average person.   I would not let anyone drive this RV except myself.


 I then searched the internet for a braking solution and learned of the D-Brake.   I had the D-Brake installed the next month.   Finally, the RV brakes performed on par with a car, as they should since RV owners typically are not truck drivers.   No over-heating, no changing the brake pads every trip, and a remarkable improvement in emergency braking distance.  Finally, I felt comfortable allowing anyone to drive the RV in a safe manner.  After 30k miles, I still have not replaced the Ford Factory brake pads, or the D-Brake pads.  The D-Brake has been trouble free.   Any future motor-homes I purchase will have the D-Brake installed at the factory.


This product demonstrates that American design, ingenuity and building craftsmanship is still 100% available in the USA!  Congrats to the D-Brake team on a fabulous product!

Bill Glickman

Las Vegas, NV

I can honestly say I am a fan of the DBrake.  I have been using it for almost 3 yrs. on our 1999 Ford F350.  About 95% of the trucks use is pulling a 33ft 5th Wheel Toy Hauler (14,500 GVWR).  The system has been very reliable with no mechanical issued related to the DBrake.  The system absolutely reduces the wear on the factory brakes.  One of the features I am most impressed with is the cruse control.  When starting down a steep grade you set the desired speed on the DBrake and it will maintain that speed without using the truck or trailer brakes.  This completely eliminates the concerns of over heating the factory brakes.

Gary M. Wheeler
Retail Sales
MOR/ryde International
1966 Moyer Ave.
Elkhart, IN 46515


We had the D-Brake system installed on our newly purchased Ford F550 24 passenger bus and couldn't be happier with it.  The system is truly a set it and forget it system, it automatically applies the extra braking needed for a large bus giving us added piece of mind when it comes to safety.


Our old bus had a manual engine retarder and was a distraction for the driver to have to manually engage and select the appropriate level of braking.  With D-Brake we set it to the desired braking effort and the driver never has to worry about engaging it or selecting the braking effort, it all happens seamlessly behind the scenes.


Again, we are very happy with the D-Brake System and it works flawlessly for our application.  Thank you for such a great product.

Mike Jackson

Covenant Village of Colorado


American Ambulance of Central Florida has been using your product for almost a year and the results are really impressive.

We are not a "911" service but we run a lot of emergency calls and I can tell you this, the braking ability of our unit has been improved dramatically.
Braking distance is shorter. Vehicles are much more easy to control during panic braking.

Another important feature is that braking does not produce that much heat anymore, because we do not need that much pressure on the pedal, resulting in longer pads and rotors life which can be translated into saving money – something that every fleet is looking for.

So, we are really satisfied with your product and plan on using it in more units. You developed a great product!”

Carlos J. Hernandez
Fleet Maintenance Supervisor
Orlando, FL


I have a 2003 Ford F350, 6.0L diesel dually, on which I had the D-Brake system installed early this year. I pull a 38 foot Mountain Aire 5th wheel trailer with a 4-foot motorcycle platform on the rear for hauling my BMW R1100RT motorcycle. The total weight of the trailer loaded for travel is 19,000 LBS., not including the weight of

    (Click image for large version!)            the truck which is another 10,000.

The D-Brake worked in keeping my speed within 5 MPH of the control setting on down hill grades up to 8%, many of which were 5 - 10 miles long using the Braking Cruise Control feature. Without this product, my truck and trailer brakes would have gone to the point of over heating and would also have had excessive wear. I also like the added braking power that I have when I am not pulling my trailer, which I compare to driving a vehicle without power brakes and one with power brakes.

I recommend the D-Brake System to any RV'er wanting added safety and additional braking power and peace of mind while traveling the highways. I would not pull my trailer without the D-Brake. Now I‘m really spoiled!


Happy Rving,  

BIll Hamilton 

P.S. Hope to see you on the road sometime! 


“I had this product installed on my 2003 Ford F250, equipped with the 4R100 transmission and 7.3l DI engine, approximately one year ago, and have since accumulated 32,000 miles.

This truck has been (and still is) equipped with an exhaust brake, which was not used at all during the test period.
The truck had been used for transporting materials to build screened patios, to and from job sites, along with four adults, for the previous four years. Together, with trailer and truck load, the overall weight averaged approximately 10,500 lbs.

The trailer I use is equipped with electric brakes, and they’ve always functioned well in service.

Upon installation of the D-Brake, an immediate decrease in pedal effort was noted, with or without actuation of the trailer brakes.

I found in testing that operating the D-Brake in the mid position of the adjustment worked best for my load, and that in the highest setting, it was actually too much braking for comfort
There is a learning curve involved in the use of this product, but it’s not rocket science. I would say that in comparison to the exhaust brake installed on the truck, the D-Brake surpasses the braking force by roughly 20% (in mid position) with no functional change to the engine operation.

I would suspect that the overall lifespan of the turbocharger would increase with the D-Brake as opposed to the exhaust brake. I would also add that – after 32,000 miles – that the condition of the D-Brake was almost like new, and I would expect well over 100,000 miles before it would need servicing.

I would recommend this product to any diesel, automatic transmission truck owner, over an exhaust brake.”

Chuck Jenkins
Southeast Power Systems Incorporated
Tampa, FL

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