A revolutionary
braking system!
  • Perfect for RVs, ambulances, shuttle buses, heavy-duty pick-ups and other mid-sized vehicles
  • Unique liquid-cooled disc brake (LCDB) system - a major brake improvement
  • Lowers brake maintenance
  • Braking cruise control
  • "Sidewinder" style for ease of installation
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The D-Brake™ is a new driveline brake (also know as a driveline retarder); which provides supplemental braking for your truck, bus, or RV.  The D-Brake is a liquid-cooled disc braking system, mounted in the driveline at the rear of the transmission, which requires NO driveshaft modifications on most vehicles.

Utilizes vehicle cooling system –The D-Brake™ has an integrated pump which moves coolant from the driveline brake to the engine’s cooling system. This provides a virtually unlimited thermal mass (the radiator) to dissipate the driveline brakes energy.

Increased service brake life – Less load on service brakes means less heat, less wear, less maintenance, and ultimately less long-term cost. In the field, our units have proven an increased brake life of over 4X.

Cooler brakes are better performing brakes – Each successive braking event increases the temperature of the service brakes, which results in longer stopping distance. By taking the load off the service brakes, we keep them cooler and virtually eliminate this phenomenon.

Electronic Control Unit with D-Brake Cruise™ –The in-cabin user interface allows for maximum control and responsiveness. You can set or adjust the desired braking pressure on the go. D-Brake Cruise™ is a braking cruise control feature for downhill grades, which allows the vehicle to maintain constant speed while the grade changes.

Offset style installation – The D-Brake™ is fully integrated into the driveline using an offset, 4WD type of chain drive. The brake assembly is mounted at the rear of the transmission, offset from the driveshaft. This “sidewinder” style means no driveshaft alterations are required in most popular vehicles.

Lightweight – The complete D-Brake system weighs only 75 lbs.

Built for work trucks – The D-Brake is perfect for work trucks and midsize trucks that need supplemental braking.

Gas & diesel Because out unit is mounted on the driveshaft, we can provide the power of an exhaust or engine brake to a gas powered truck.


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