The smartest

tow brake on the market!

  • All electric – no air compressor, tank, or hoses to leak
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Manual Brake Lever on the remote
  • Proportional and Progressive
  • One-button Setup
  • Built-in backup 12V battery
  • Works with all towable vehicles, including Hybrids


The Professional Tow Brake

uses the latest technology to provide smooth and accurate braking to your towed vehicle.  This patented system is the smartest tow brake on the market; it allows full wireless control from the driver’s seat of the coach, and it uses an electric actuator- rather than an air cylinder that other brake systems use.   The Professional Tow Brake calibrates itself to your vehicle each time you set it up, so it ensures the best braking performance possible. When you step on the brakes in the coach, the Pro-Brake will measure the deceleration and match it. That means if you are lightly stepping on the brake pedal, our tow brake comes on softly; and when you step on the brakes hard, the tow brake will come on hard. In case your towed vehicle’s battery was to die while towing, the Professional towBrake has an internal, back-up battery for emergency. This brake system also works in both regular and hybrid vehicles.

D-Brake is based out of New Britain, CT where its products are manufactured and assembled. Simply put; crappy New England weather calls for superior braking systems. D-Brake offers a full 30 day money back guarantee on top of a 2 year warranty.

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