The smartest

tow brake on the market!

  • All electric – no air compressor, tank, or hoses to leak
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Manual Brake Lever on the remote
  • Proportional and Progressive
  • One-button Setup
  • Built-in backup 12V battery
  • Works with all towable vehicles, including Hybrids

Frequently Asked Questions:
Professional Tow Brake

Why do I need supplemental braking when I tow a vehicle behind an RV?

First, because the law requires it in many states. Also driving an RV is much safer when you are using a toad brake to slow down your towed vehicle..

Why should I use the Pro–Brake?
The Professional Tow Brake is the best out of all the braking systems because it is both progressive and proportional, and has the largest number of safety features out of any drop-in brake system for towed vehicles.

What does “proportional braking” mean?

In order to achieve the best braking performance, you want both the motorhome and the towed vehicle braking in direct proportion to its own weight. The Professional Tow Brake uses its Gain adjustment setting, built into the wireless RF In-Coach Controller, to give you true proportional braking.

What does “progressive braking” mean?

With progressive braking, the force you put on the brake pedal is mirrored on the tow vehicle brakes by the Professional Tow Brake. Unlike air actuated systems, which have one preset pressure, our system adjusts itself to your current need. Simply put: if you need a little braking, you get a little; and if you need a lot, you get a lot.

Don’t all supplemental brakes have proportional and progressive braking features?

No, on the contrary, most do not! Many claim to have these features, but in testing, almost all of the other units on the market fail to deliver on their promises. To see our test results, click here.

My towed vehicle has power brakes, so when the engine is turned off, the power brakes do not function. Will the Pro–Brake work on my vehicle?

This is known as a “dead” pedal. Yes, most tow brakes, including our system, will work against a dead pedal. However, unlike most of the other systems, the Professional Tow Brake will automatically drain the vacuum in the brake lines in order to prevent serious damage happening to your tow vehicles brakes.

One-button set-up – what does that mean?

Just what it implies. After the Professional Tow Brake is in place, simply push the set-up button and the electronics automatically calibrate to your vehicle. At any point you can adjust the Gain of the braking to better suit your driving style.

Why and how do I adjust the Gain?

Adjusting the Gain of the Professional Tow Brake allows the driver to tune the braking amount as needed. If the towed vehicle is too aggressive in braking, simply dial back the Gain from the motor coach. This adjustment is made with a simple knob found on the controls in both the motorhome and the towed vehicle.

What is the emergency break away system and why do I need it?

A break-away is an emergency situation where the towed vehicle has disconnected from the towing vehicle. If a break-away occurs, the Professional Tow Brake is automatically applied via power from a 12V battery inside the unit, then held until you retrieve your car. The brake is mechanically held and locked in place until it is released by re-activating the controls. This is an obvious safety improvement over units that rely on the vehicle’s battery for braking – where braking fails once the battery is drained. This is a feature that we hope you never need to use, but our breakaway device is there for you incase you ever need it!

What about my vehicle’s battery? Other tow brake customers complain about dead batteries.

Unlike most of the other tow brakes on the market, our system uses very little draw from the vehicle’s battery. In addition, we supply a 12 volt battery inside our unit, in case of an emergency break-away.

Manual Override Lever – no one else offers it, so what does it do?

This feature allows the driver to manually apply the towed vehicle brakes only, without touching the brakes of the towing vehicle. Imagine a situation where the towed vehicle is starting to fishtail, and you’ll recognize the value!

Can I transfer the Pro–Brake between vehicles?

Yes. Our drop in tow brake box unit easily transfers from vehicle to vehicle without the need for additional installation. The switch can be done in minutes.

How long does the Pro–Brake take to install?

We pride ourselves on being easy to set up and transfer from vehicle to vehilce. Our typical installation time is under one minute.

Can I install the Pro–Brake myself?

Absolutely, here is a link to the detailed instructions.

How do I know that the Pro–Brake is working?

Our wireless remote control can be mounted on the dash of the towing vehicle, Its LED display will light up when the towed vehicle’s brakes are applied. This same RF unit provides the Gain Adjustment and Manual Override features for the Professional Tow Brake.

How Long does the Pro–Brake take to activate?

The Professional Tow Brake will begin to apply the brakes in the tow vehicle within 80 milliseconds (8/100ths of a second) of the brake being applied in the coach. It will then gradually increase the amount of pressure on the pedal to simulate a more natural brake stroke.

Will steep down hill grades be a problem?

No. The progressive and proportional braking features of the Professional Tow Brake will make steep downgrades much less stressful to navigate. The system is designed to work well with exhaust brakes.

Will I have any unwanted braking on bumpy roads?

We’ve heard of this problem on almost all of the other tow brakes on the market, and designed the Pro Brake to prevent this from occurring.

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