The smartest

tow brake on the market!

  • All electric – no air compressor, tank, or hoses to leak
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Manual Brake Lever on the remote
  • Proportional and Progressive
  • One-button Setup
  • Built-in backup 12V battery
  • Works with all towable vehicles, including Hybrids

D-Brake Professional Tow Brake
The Competition


• smooth braking – the curves at the beginning and end of each braking event indicate that the Professional Tow Brake ™ allows you to ease in and out of braking events – rather than experience abrupt slowing and stops.

• on-demand braking response – note how each braking event has a different height and shape. This shows that the Professional Tow Brake ™ is providing just what is demanded for each different braking situation – not too much, not too little.

• steady, dependable braking – because the Professional Tow Brake ™ uses none of the troublesome and non-performing air systems of the current offerings, the brake is always ready to give you as much (or little) braking effort as you may need.

• abrupt, jerky braking – the steep vertical sides of the competitor’s braking data indicate that braking was always applied at full strength as soon as the pedal was touched, and back to zero braking as soon as the pedal was released – rather than comfortably easing in and out.

• all-or-nothing braking
– note that the shape for each braking event is almost exactly the same. There is no distinction between a small need, or a greater need – meaning full braking is applied no matter what you actually want.

• running out of air – note that the smaller spikes are not actually tailored braking events, but signify that the tow brake was running out of air compression, and therefore unable to supply full braking power. What if full power had been needed at that moment?!

Professional Tow Brake™
Development and Testing

We designed the Professional Tow Brake ™ to be the best towing brake system on the market. But how did we
do it?

We started by choosing one of the more popular vehicles being used for towing, the Honda Odyssey. After installing a race car data acquisition module to the braking system, (see photo at right) we hooked up our toad brake and began gathering information about real world braking situations.

After driving the vehicle in all types of braking situations, we were able to digitally produce a Pressure & Time Map representing these braking events. This graph became the basis for our design.

The goal was to create a "drop-in" brake system for towed vehicles that was sophisticated enough to mimic the pressure and timing that our test vehicle had shown, while being hauled around behind a motor coach. After extensive research and development we finally created the Professional Tow Brake ™, the smartest towing brake on the market.

Our final testing included putting the industry’s most popular towing brakes to the same scrutiny that we used to test our own brake. The results of the leading competitor’s tow brake are charted in the red Pressure & Time Map (above) In comparison to the results of the Professional Tow Brake™ in green.



NOTE: These charts represent data collected, via a race car data acquisition system, during braking event road tests with the Professional Tow Brake™ vs. a leading competitor’s tow brake. The tests were not conducted simultaneously, so the individual braking events in each chart do not correspond to each other. The separate tests did include similar braking situations.
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